You exist since you create something.

Let's travel inside your dreams.

Fall Together

If I fall, you fall too

Depths Dragon

Resisting to the attraction pressure


Strange Shock

Ripped Off Woman

As usual

Tri-Tail Dreamer Cat

Never wake up a little tiger

Disgusted Rabbit

He just saw its head in a puddle

The Proud Bird

Taunting on its cloud of shadow

Lunar Sleeper

At the dream world for adults

Human Waste

Drug overdose makes your life tough

Shellfish Bed

And the chief' salad

Sleeping Toad

Its tongue is outstretched, ready to swallow a nenuphar

Maneater birth

Conception of destructive brood

Snaky Dollar

Depicting the well-known capitalism

The Necklace Whim

Materialism and Lust

Dreadful Banquet

Violence Expected

Happy Cowboy

You like like a dumb asshole

The Wolf Queen

Take care of my twin boys

Special Swan

Nothing to Sway?


Do not cross the wood if you are alone

Golden Sketch

Who's going to swallow it, this time?

Creepy Pregnancy

The ability of giving birth has no age

This original artwork is available for sale and for exhibition
Thumbnails on this page are not large enough (in termes of image resolution) for a mid or large printing (for protection reasons)

Investing in Art...

Is it profitable?

Why ?

First, Helping an artist to grow
Then, take advantage from a price increase in order to generate a profit for a resale

Who ?

For all who believe in Bradmesz potential but who do not want to take any risk for their investment.
Because some creations are quite bold, it can be understood.

How much ?

It is hard to estimate, but if it misses, you can always cry on your canvas.
Seriously, the brand new system imaginated by Bradmesz is aimed to sharply reduce the risk...


A nickname is sometimes associated with something misleading
Could it be a kind of mystery unreachable by the public?

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